Getting Leads for New Life Insurance Clients

Before the internet arrived, finding new insurance clients was a laborious affair. Brokers had to advertise in ink and paper media, or rely on referrals from clients and friends. A common trick was to join community organizations like sports clubs and school boards. This gave the broker a head start as a trusted advisor.

How the Internet Changed All That

The internet literally made the brick and mortar world of business out of date, although as consumers we are still getting used to using it for our purchases. It is a great space to compare products by searching reviews. It is also a super place to find an insurance broker or buy insurance coverage. But hold that thought – is it really?

The Internet is Still a Confusing Space

The sheer size of the internet can be mind boggling for consumers. When we Google ‘car insurance’ or ‘home insurance’ for example, we have so many results that we can’t possibly wade through them all. So we just click on something high up on the list that takes our fancy. Ironically we choose them because they are good with SEO. Its like gambling at a Casino, some times you hit it and some time you loose

Independent life insurance brokers have the exact same problem. They don’t necessarily have the time or money to get their mind around Google preferences. Some give up and return to the brick and mortar world of telephones and desks. But this is all so unnecessary thanks to the world of collaborative life insurance marketing.

How Collaborative Life Insurance Marketing Works

Collaborative life insurers are lead magnets that pump out huge amounts of marketing material so they get stacks of inbound clicks and end up high on google search pages. But they don’t actually sell life and other insurances. They sell the inquiries they get to their ‘lead placement partners’ instead. That way, several parties earn an income. And the beauty of it is the client should not pay a penny more.

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