Handling a Follow-Up Interview with a Hot Lead

Most folk like to think about things before they buy. This is particularly true of new life insurance where there may be penalties for discontinuing. We do something similar when we purchase motor cars. We test drive them, compare them, and think about it several times before we decide. As every car salesperson knows, they are not the only ‘kid on the block’.

Why It is So Important to Stay in Contact with a Hot Lead

People can be fickle. One moment we are dying to watch a particular movie, the next we decide to eat at our favourite restaurant instead. To avoid a hot lead ‘dropping off the hook’ we must stay in contact using every genuine excuse:

  • If you sent an email proposal, follow up with the same title with MORE added at the end so they know you are not just re-sending. Write something like ‘I just wanted to check you got my previous message in case you have questions.’
  • If you chatted on the phone or in person, you could say, ‘I loved meeting you. I don’t want to push your buttons, I just want to know if I can still be of assistance. I found a new policy that could be perfect for you. May I email you the details?’

Of course, your client will know the game you are playing. But your advantage is most life insurance agents fail to follow up on emails and meetings. Fortune favours the bold. Be bold and you will be fortunate.

What to Do with a Lead that Goes Cold

Finally, a true insurance broker never gives up on a lead even after the client may have appeared to have ‘gone cold’. They are still a source for referrals or future business. One way to stay in touch is to communicate with them via a blog.

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