How to Close a Life Insurance Lead Successfully

In marketing, a ‘lead’ is an indication of interest by a consumer. They may have completed an inquiry form on the internet. Alternatively, they may have found an insurance broker’s contact details on a portal and emailed or called them to find out more. It’s important to close leads as professionally and quickly as possible. Remember, they are probably talking to at least one other broker.

The 6 Step Process to Turning Leads into Closed Deals

  • Speed is of the essence in business. We can create life insurance contracts in a matter of moments on the internet nowadays. This technology has bred a generation expecting fast food and everything else quickly.
  • It’s absolutely vital to engage smoothly with a lead and come across as a friendly, trustworthy ally. Small things like remembering their name and mentioning it occasionally do matter. Speak or type as if you were smiling when you do.
  • A lead’s earliest thought may be ‘how can I trust this person?’ You will not get any further without first satisfying this need. Be alert to the signs and when it is time to end the conversation please remember to confirm their contacts, and your own.
  • Be professional in every way and in everything you do. Use a font for your messages that is easy to read like Calibri or Arial. Aim for a size that is easy to read without causing eyestrain. Proofread your work several times before you send it.
  • Maintain contact as personally as possible. Ideally, this includes coffee somewhere quiet where you close the lead. If the lead is remote, have a video conversation on Skype. It is very important to be able to watch their body language.

You will intuitively know when it is time to close the deal. You will have answered all the questions, allayed all the concerns, and you can see the client is relaxed. Simply say, “Is there anything more you need to know or shall we do the forms?” Never, ever force the issue. If you do, the client is almost bound to have second thoughts again.

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