Welcome to the ultimate life insurance portal. This is a place for customers, insurance brokers, insurance companies, and insurance underwriters to meet to exchange ideas. We invited the best brains in the business to share the secrets they gleaned after decades in the industry. After you read what we have here, you will definitely have an ‘insider edge’.

The Truths Life Insurance Clients Wish They Knew Before

We disclose the inner secrets of completing life insurance applications honestly, to ensure we get the coverage we pay for. Discover the inner secrets of how insurance companies calculate insurance premiums, and how they may refuse a claim if you miss a simple, single point.

What the FCA and the PRA Do and Why You Need Them

We continue on our journey by investigating the merits of the Financial Conduct Authority that protects consumers, and the Prudential Regulation Authority that controls the financial services business. Life insurance brokers and their clients both benefit from their services.

How Insurance Brokers Deliver Sterling Service to Their Customers

Finally, we reveal an oft-kept secret of the life insurance industry. We discuss the benefits ‘lead magnet’ portals provide, and how they feed insurance inquiries to FCA endorsed insurance brokers representing PRA approved insurers. After that, we roll into what makes for a healthy client-broker relationship.

We created this portal in the interest of a healthier life insurance industry. When we place industry practices under a spotlight, we believe we open a window into a brighter new future. This is a future where clients, brokers, and insurers understand each other’s relationships and roles, and are therefore able to work together better.